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By nature all of us are to some degree a historian. Each day we excavate and rebuild our past. Whether we are aware of it or not, history is always around us. In our minds,  which is constantly preoccupied with the coordination of time and space, we feel the unavoidable existence of the past. The past never passes; it is as alive as today or tomorrow and lasts longer. History is a way of thinking that nourishes wisdom.
In the last century, history has become as colorful as rainbow; the boring courses we took in high school are now a thing of the past. The approaches that were restricted to the history of rulers have been opened to the history of the ruled. Until there is nothing left of the history that has not been written, that is, until eternity, we need history. Yes, every person is a historian by nature; however, only the most skilled can turn this into a craft and a profession. This is the opportunity that the Department of History offers you.
The Department of History embraces interdisciplinary and comparative approaches. Courses are offered in various subfields in both Turkish-Ottoman and world history. Attention is paid to the latest trends in Turkish and world historiography. The connection between history and social sciences is something that is focused on. In addition to attaining a familiarity with the methodology and resources of history, a literary writing style is something that is also emphasized. Not only do we search for the universal, we are also full of zeal for the local. Although the methods of historical interpretation created in the world at large have provided an irresistable framework, we are aware of our responsibility in developing local and distinctive methods of historiography and introducing them to general historiography. With an erudite academic staff and distinguished students, the Department of History sets out to make a unique contribution to historiography in Turkey.
To pursue their individuality, our students are encouraged to participate in double major or minor programs. Within the framework of international agreements and the Erasmus exchange program students have the chance to spend at least one semester abroad and acquire international experience.

         Quick News
  • Orientation Program for New Undergraduate Studens on October 19-20
  • Orientation Program for new MA Students by the DEPARTMENT on October 19
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